We are facing challenging times because of the COVID-19 crisis and we recognize that a lot of people are now scrambling to understand the uncertain future.

POWERinU’s mission is to empower people through our value-adding services, so through Coaching, we seek to do what we can for people who want to take this time during the quarantine period in Manila for self-growth and development. This is the best opportunity to realign where you are now to where you want to be.

What do I do next in my career?

Am I leading people correctly and effectively?

How can I be a better leader?

If you want guidance in answering questions similar to the ones above… then we encourage you to sign up now to avail of our FREE 1-HOUR ONLINE COACHING PROGRAM (for Life, Career, Business and Executive Coaching).

We have limited slots only so slots will be given in order of those who sign up first.

This free online coaching offer is valid until April 10, 2020 only or until all slots are filled.

Who can avail of the Free 1-hour Online Coaching Program?

  • Students (at least 18 years old & above)
  • Entrepreneurs, Employees, Professionals and Executives

Get to know the COACHES

Benjie Garcia, Executive and Business Coach

Elaine Cercado, Executive, Business, Career and Life Coach

Jun Marfori, Executive, Business and Life Coach

Penny Bongato, Life, Career and Success Coach


Limited Slots only and will be on a First to Sign Up Basis.

This free online coaching offer is valid until April 10, 2020 only or until all slots are filled.

We will send you an email to confirm if you have successfully gained a slot for the free 1-hour online coaching program.

Online Coaching Registration
A POWERinU Coach will contact you directly to schedule the Free 1-hour Online Coaching session so please ensure your contact information are accurate. The online coaching session will be done via Skype, Teams or Zoom.
We are sorry but all slots are filled for the following Coaches: Penny Bongato

Connect with us at to learn more about our Coaching Solutions.

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