February 10, 2019

Management Consulting

POWERinU provides consulting services using the relevant teams, processes, interventions and tools to ensure we successfully achieve together the defined project or program mission, vision, goals and actions.

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TCOB CONSULTING SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES. Check some case examples below.

  • Strategic Business, HR Planning & Capability Development, Organizational Development. Check POWERinU Singapore’s project with a fast-growing SME in the food manufacturing sector, which included services such as
    • Strategic Business & HR Planning (planning facilitation/workshop, multi-phased consulting project)
    • HR Capability Development & Organizational Development (multi-phased consulting project with customized TCOB training workshops)

CUSTOMIZED CONSULTING SERVICES. POWERinU offers customized consulting solutions and services. Check some examples below.

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Development.Check our project with BIOEQ as a case example.
  • HR Consulting Services 

Some of the tools we use are:

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