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Attila Inc.’s Strategic Planning workshop – Continuing the Journey to Success

by Jun Marfori

Early this year, POWERinU was privileged to assist the MANCOM of ATTILA Inc. (Tenderbites brand) in revisiting their Vision, Mission and aligning their mid-term Strategic Plans, in light of significant developments during the covid, and immediate post-covid era. These developments included the increasing value and effectiveness of a strong online and social media marketing and sales presence, due to the general platform shift and preference of the new generation shoppers, and competitive pressure. ATTILA’s  Leadership recognized that quick reactionary steps had been implemented to respond to geometrically growing online sales, and the need to expand sourcing, storage, transport, the overall supply chain process. Boosting online presence for demand creation and better customer experience were also essential. The organization needed to review and re-align channels, partnerships, manpower complement / skill sets / training, and outsourcing relationships. The company needed a robust market intelligence process, and data analytics for sound decision-making.

The planning sessions provided the MANCOM with an opportunity to express their views openly, the first time since the pandemic, and also to focus on the essential and non-negotiable elements of ATTILA’s Vision and identity. The discussions ignited the MANCOM’s commitment to focus on delivering the “Total SUKI experience” – which is something all customers ought to experience as they deal and transact with Attila Inc. – as a consistent, personalized, and customized experience across all customers. Armed with greater clarity of purpose, confidence and new business planning skills, ATTILA’s MANCOM created their plans to achieve their desired future position in 3 years.

“Our MANCOM had the opportunity to go through a 2-day Strategic Planning session with PowerinU’s
top facilitators Mr. Jun Marfori and Mr. Benjie Garcia. It was a fun learning experience. The process
and the system that they have imparted was a big help in putting the current business plans in its
proper phasing and program.”

~ Maria Lauren Bacal-Reyes,
HR Manager
, Attila Inc.

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