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Personal / Interpersonal Effectiveness


From the largest multi-national to a fledgling SME, every business is made up of individuals. And as individuals, we all have our strengths and weaknesses – some might have creative minds but be poor at time-keeping; others might excel at public speaking, but be anxious about handling face-to-face conflict. One might be your go-to person for a presentation, while another might not know a PowerPoint from a Prezi.

Recognising and developing the skills of your workforce isn’t just an investment in them – it’s an investment in your effectiveness, your bottom line, and the whole organisation. Having reliable, inspired and confident staff will boost morale, and quite simply make your business better.

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While we can’t claim to have as many courses as you have individuals, we have identified the key areas where personal development can enhance performance and drive success.

We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people in businesses all around the world, and we’ve used that experience to put together a series of practical workshops and courses that will help your employees shine. We can deliver the perfect training for your needs – whether you’re looking for a global roll-out or you’re a smaller business looking to be the best you can be.

Whatever your size, our approach is not just about tackling problems or filling in gaps – it’s about allowing each person to reach their full potential; a potential which will enrich your whole organisation. We’ll take their existing abilities, assess their needs, and fast-track the development of the soft skills they need to make their workplace a better place.

Our soft skills training courses include:

  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Excellence
  • Managing Emotion In Tough Situations

Our soft skills training courses are perfect for a range of employees – across a range of environments. We can offer classroom training, e-learning courses and even a blend of both. We also offer them in different languages, for businesses wanting a consistent approach to international staff development.

We’ve taken years of experience of working with people to develop the very best courses. Check out more details from the Cegos website.

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* The write-up above is adapted from the Cegos Asia-Pacific website.


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