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Testimonial of Strategies of Successes run at TP Philippines

“I highly recommend this talk by Penny Bongato to everyone who wishes to obtain clarity about their “Why”. Penny delivers her message with both character and competence. Definitely something not to be missed!” ~ Ben Ampil | Managing Director at Amplius Management Consultancy | US-Certified Neuroscience & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach

“When people asked me about my personal definition of success, I have always believed that it is not only measured by how much we earn or how much we have. Someone who isn’t merely preoccupied with having only wealth in this world, but someone who’s also engaged in pursuing riches in heaven. Thus, a successful person is he who is truly happy, whatever circumstances are.

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All of these thoughts and views were reinforced when I got the privilege of attending Success Principle Workshop facilitated by Ms. Penny Bongato last October 2015. She trained passionately and with excellence. She dreamed with us as she guided us in envisioning ourselves for the next years to come. Her exercises and activities were enjoyable and engaging.

The principles presented were practical, attainable, easy to understand and applicable to everyone. Most of them were derived from the main beliefs of the Word of God, which really serves as our final authority. Having these principles imbibed in us can really lead us to the future we want.

Taking this leap challenges our consistency along the way and determination as we attain our end goals or success – whatever we mean by success.”

Ceanne Ruth M. Caluya | Registered Psychometrician | HRD Assistant, Philippine Bible Society

What attendees say about the workshop

  • Enlightened me in my GOALS in life; Taught me how to turn your GOALS into REALITY.
  • The Workshop is very engaging and encourages all participants to think/rethink their goals and ways to make them a reality.
  • Thank you Penny for letting us realize that success is starting at us in the face. We just have to realize it and act on it.
  • Loved the “Of Course, on course” exercise. I’m a market researcher and always attuned to surveys.  But it’s the personal feedback that’s sometimes hard to accept/admit. This training taught me how to do it.
  • Relatable and inspirational. Reinforces positivity and reawakens our optimism in life.
  • It made me realize that I have done so much from my past that I never acknowledged it. I also rediscovered myself and that I can do so much more.
  • So much to learn in this workshop. It’s like a wake-up call in setting our goals in life and teaching how the impossible be possible. Thank you for today.
  • This allowed us to go around, meet new people, and hear suggestions to our goals. This served like a “push” to go forward and take the steps toward my goal. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. =)
  • Timeless and always relevant.
  • Engaging, easy-to-understand and will let you NOT get intimidated with the future and successes of others because you have the control over your goals.
  • We would love to see and learn more from you. Really appreciate how you were able to share real life situations and your experiences to make this session more exciting and informative.
  • This program is very encouraging. Sometimes adults tend to be busy performing our daily tasks at work that we forget the more important goals and aspects in our life that we must pay more attention to. Thank you!
  • Made me realize Filipinos can be better; Made me miss attending FEAST PICC and Bro. Bo.
  • Workshop is so engaging. I am happy to finally meet the author of one of my favorite books (Career Shift). It justified my job hopping to finally land in my dream company.
  • I am very much enlightened with the workshop.
  • The things I learned in this workshop will make my life better, fuller and with purpose. Thank you!
  • It was a great learning experience. Had so much fun. So much to share and bring back to my team. Was able to discover new things about my goals and in achieving it.

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