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Management Development


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The CEGOS Management Essentials course is perfect for new managers. It helps them take their existing skills and knowledge and translate them into effective management techniques that will benefit your business. It’s not just us who think it works: it’s also validated by the Chartered Management Institute.

Validated by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this is trusted training that delivers exactly what it promises: management essentials. We’d be happy to tailor it to your particular businesses needs if you want us to, but however you decide to proceed, delegates will come away an in-depth knowledge of:

  • The role of the manager
  • Coaching techniques
  • Managing change
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Delegating
  • Communication
  • Managing performance
  • Adapting your management style

More experienced managers may be looking to refresh their skills, learn to think more strategically, or understand how to manage specific people or situations. We offer a range of management training programmes on topics such as Leading Change, Being a Strategic Manager, and Managing Graduates and High Performers. Our programmes have been developed over time, drawing on research, our own business experience, and our work with thousands of clients around the world.

By the end of our management training programmes, delegates will be fired up with new-found enthusiasm and filled up with new skills and techniques to help them manage.

They will have a deeper understanding of the role of coaching, communicating, providing feedback, working with stakeholders, and developing the performance of teams and individuals.

They’ll be aware of the fact that they, as managers, are also works in progress and will come away with a stronger grasp of their own strengths and weaknesses and areas where they need to develop.

At CEGOS, we don’t promise you the world – but we do promise you effective courses that will improve the performance of your managers.

Want to know more about how Cegos management training programmes can help your business? Check out the Cegos website for more details. We’d love to also hear from you. Connect with us now!

* The write-up above is adapted from the Cegos Asia-Pacific website.


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