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Online Leadership Training


POWERinU believes in empowering leaders and organizations in a digital world.

To achieve this, we created online leadership trainings or digital solutions, and also partnered with global learning partners, who have solid digital learning capabilities and solutions.

Together with our global learning partners, POWERinU Team is fully ready to deliver and implement online leadership training or e-learning solutions that will develop and empower leaders and organizations into the digital future.

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POWErinU - Online Leadership Training

The “New Normal” posed a rapid need to transition the way things are done, and this includes changes in how we work, learn, live and play. In response to these changes, POWERinU provides FACILITATOR-LED ONLINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS that offer DYNAMISM, ENGAGEMENT and PRACTICALITY.

Some of the clients who offered POWERinU’s ONLINE TRAINING SOLUTIONS to their organizations are the following:

Aside from conducting Facilitated-led online learning solutions and events, POWERinU consultants also speak on online events such as association and corporate gatherings, learning events and town halls:

Other Online Learning Programs offered:

N.E.W.S.® Navigation Online Solutions


These N.E.W.S.® Navigation solutions are based on The N.E.W.S Compass® Framework. It is a unique framework that helps individuals and organizations identify their authentic direction, their core motivations, and the critical roadblocks on the way; as well as helping create practical solutions that propel them to the next levels. 



CEGOS Asia-Pacific is a part of CEGOS Group, Europe’s largest professional skills training provider, and one of the world’s leading Learning & Development companies.

Cegos was founded in 1926 in France and has a strong foundation with more than 80 years of experience within Human Resource Development, Corporate Training and Operational Consulting.

* POWERinU Training & Coaching Philippines, Inc. is the distributor-global partner of CEGOS Asia-Pacific in the Philippines. For more information about CEGOS training solutions, check out our CEGOS Training page.

Blended program delivered by POWERinU and Cegos:


Wargitsch - Online Leadership Training

Wargitsch Transformation Engineers is committed to help you gain experience in individual agile projects, as well as to scale agility at the enterprise level.

Transformation Engineers is committed to help you gain experience in individual agile projects, as well as to scale agility at the enterprise level.

• Act as a partner for managers supporting in the classic management tasks of leading, planning, organising, controlling and communicating, and using agile approaches and tools.

• Feel comfortable in the role of a connector between business and IT, when players that have different intentions and tasks need to collaborate in order to reach a common goal.

• Love complex projects and programs since they are familiar with handling and managing complexity and ambiguity, as well as, managing them successfully.

Based on their framework, they support organisations´ transformation initiatives in all phases.

* POWERinU Training & Coaching Philippines, Inc. and Wargitsch Transformation Engineers are partners for transformation trainings and consulting services.

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