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Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) By the Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council

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SBACC certification is a designation intended to confirm to the public that a person with appropriate educational qualifications and experience has demonstrated the knowledge, expertise in, and skills required of business consultants and advisors by fulfilling the requirements for SBACC’s certification scheme. The scheme also promotes the continual upgrading of knowledge and skills of business consultants and advisors.

All PMCs maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out their work competently and professionally in the face of continuous technological, economic and business environment changes.

In order to maintain an active certification status, PMCs are required to submit three recent client testimonials in support of their application for recertification, in addition to accumulating the required CPD and consulting hours in the last 2 years. This serves as evidence of their status as practising management consultants, an indication of the strength of the client-consultant relationship formed and their performance as PMCs.

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