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POWERinU is a management consulting company in the Philippines that provide business consulting services. We offer several solutions for Organizational Development and employ a wide range of tools and methodologies to help our customers’ leadershiphuman resourcessales, and marketing teams improve their business processes.

Business Consulting Philippines

Solutions for Organizational Development

Methods and Tools


Here’s an example of how POWERinU can partner with a company for Organizational Development (via our Business Consulting Solutions and Services), as shared by POWERinU Director, Jun Marfori:

POWERinU successfully collaborated on an Organizational Effectiveness retreat with the Senior Leadership team of BIOEQ Energy Holdings Inc. (BIOEQ), a 2-year old start-up company. Its Senior Leadership and other Managers are tenured, highly competent Managers, which includes a diverse set of nationalities, cultures and work experiences, who sought to enhance the organization’s ability to execute its strategies and achieve its business goals. Initial steps were:

  1. To enhance teamwork and collaboration through increased self-awareness, increased and better understanding of team members, and effective communication and interaction skills;
  2. To establish alignment on the BIOEQ Mission and Goals under the BIOEQ Way; and
  3. To gain commitment on a “roadmap” to achieving BIOEQ’s Goals

The Retreat included processes, designed for the participants to ultimately align and agree (“contract”) with the current and desired future state of the business, through strategies and actions, premised on enhanced personal and inter-dependent work relationships. Through sessions on Culture Awareness, Personality and Work Profiling, Personal Vision and Values sessions, a review of the BIOEQ Business model and their phase in the stages of Team Development, emphasis on Personal and Team Leadership principles and behaviors – POWERinU led the participants to seek to “align” their genuine self with team and organizational intent and be a more effective worker, leader and team member.

We challenged them in a highly interactive session to reflect and ask – “What would I do differently?” Complemented by Team Building activities, each participant articulated, and the teams consolidated, their renewed commitment to lead self and teams to the desired defined success – thus ending the the Retreat on a high note, with the Senior Leadership leading all the participants to express: We commit to Consider the WE before the ME, Be Excellent / Passionate / Determined in all that I do, Be Accountable for my Actions, Pursue Growth and Learning, Ensure my Health and Safety and that of others, and to Befriend the Environment.

Learn more about our Business Consulting Solutions in the Philippines. Send us a message to inquire or email us at [email protected].

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