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Catrina Louise “Trina” Gonzales

CLG 2019 small02

Training and Delivery Consultant


Trina is a trainer, management consultant and business simplification coach.  She has worked in InAsia Management and Consultancy as a Senior Management Consultant for Brand Management with clients like retail shops, restaurants and specialty coffee shops.

Trina also worked in Singapore for two years as a missionary (trainer and event organizer) for Couples for Christ Singapore with the youth as her primary focus. She even spearheaded and supported community events within South East Asia. The events she handled ranged from fundraisings, concerts and international conferences.

For 18 years now (since 2002), Trina has developed modules and conducted numerous trainings on Personal Development, Communication, Change Management, Productivity and other Leadership and Management Development Programs for Supervisors and Managers.  Her clients include banks, hospitals, sports retail shops, publication houses, government agencies and other enterprises with multiple member companies.

Meanwhile, as a business simplification coach, Trina coaches organizations in the simplification of their management processes, simplification of their communication between departments and between individuals, and the simplification of their planning and performance review forums. She does this by  utilizing  the COACH APPROACH® to improve management control systems and to transform the social condition within an organization through a unique, inclusive, bottom-up process that establishes better social norms of behavior, better work habits, voluntary discipline, and acceptance of both authority and accountability. Some of the organizations she has engaged with are in the following industry: retail, port management (maritime gateway for commerce), and glass and aluminum fabrication and installation.