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Delegate to Focus More

By Penny Bongato

When people think of the word “success”, the names of other successful people like Jim Carrey or Steven Spielberg come to mind. Have you ever wondered what made them successful? One thing in common about successful people is that they focused their energy in one skill without expecting to get paid for it first –Jim Carrey made people laugh endlessly in comedy clubs and Steven Spielberg started making films even from a young age. To be successful, one has to do just that – find an activity or a talent that you’re willing to do for free and let your life revolve around it.

Focusing on what you want and what you excel at is integral to your success in life. That’s exactly the reason why successful people become successful at what they do. Unsuccessful people tend to do everything by themselves and forget to focus on what they’re already good at. As a result, their everyday performance becomes extraordinarily average. Remember: no one becomes successful just by being average.

Delegate to Focus More

Successful people know how to delegate tasks and to focus on where their greatness lies. They know what exactly they have to focus on and completely delegate the other tasks to other people. By delegating these tasks, they can focus on their greatness and have more time in their hands to do what they truly excel at. The more they excel, the easier it is for them to be more successful.

For example, imagine yourself as a teacher and your bread and butter comes from teaching children in school. As a teacher, you prioritize class time more than anything else, but that’s not the only thing you have to do on a daily basis – you still need to check papers, occasionally clean the classroom and plan the next school activity. More often than not, people get pinned down by doing everything by themselves.

Successful people know how to properly delegate the tasks that they can give to other people, and instead focus on what they’re great at. Going back to the example, teachers don’t need to do everything alone – they can ask students to help out in small tasks such as picking up after themselves or volunteering for a role, therefore making time to focus more on making the next lesson more interesting and enjoyable..

By delegating tasks once and completely, successful people save time from repeating instructions, have more time to produce greater output and excel where they need to excel at.

Money Will Follow

Focus on your greatness: pay more attention to a skill or a trait that you already excel at and let your life revolve around it. If you already know the skill, focus on it more than any of your other skills. Try not to do everything by yourself and delegate tasks to other people so you can keep on focusing on what you’re great at. Success lies in your exceptional greatness, and not in your exceptional average state.

Once you are great in doing your skill, people will eventually start to take notice and pay you to do what you excel at. A lot of successful people reap the benefits of what they sow after years of honing their craft. Remember: successful people get paid to do what they like doing the most!