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EMPOWER Women@Work Episode 2: Margie Pagdanganan – Maintaining Balance in a Fast Changing World

by Elaine Cercado

In Episode 2 of Empower Women@Work, we continued our conversation with Margie Pagdanganan, a senior leader in the financial services sector and a good friend, about how to maintain balance in this fast changing world.

The covid-19 crisis was very unsettling for many of us. There were questions unanswered, and anxieties that came out due to the uncertainties about how long the crisis would be and what impact it would have on our jobs and families. 

Maintaining balance holistically – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – has been challenging especially during the covid-19 circuit breaker period. How did Margie cope with all these?  Margie shared the following:

  • Perspective – experience will tell us that “this too shall pass”
  • Focus on the present, on what’s happening, on the facts – what we fear, most of the time, don’t happen
  • Faith and family are strong grounding factors for her 
  • Volunteer service in a community outside work gives her a sense of perspective and focus, and a sense of gratitude 

The world will certainly continue to change. What specific advices does Margie have to be able to cope with the continuous waves of changes in our world, in both work and personal/life context?

  • Always have curiosity, and the thirst for knowledge and learning – there are many opportunities to learn online so there is no excuse 
  • Spend time to focus on ourselves and our families – walk in the park, start singing lessons and journalize mother experiences and insights as legacy for her children were some of the things Margie got to do during the CB period 

Again, a big heartfelt thank you to Margie Pagdanganan for the uplifting and empowering insights and advices! 

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