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EMPOWER Women@Work with Gina Ilarde: Making Crossroad Choices and Affirming Purpose (Part 1)

by Elaine Cercado

All of us make crossroad choices – if not today, perhaps in the future. One choice that can totally change the path of our life.

In the case of Gina, she made not just one, but four life-changing choices at work. Through the hard choices and the life journey she took, her personal purpose was affirmed.

In this first of 3 episodes of EMPOWER Women@Work: Making Crossroad Choices and Affirming Purpose, Gina shared her first major crossroad choice and change in career – from heading an Engineering department to heading the Human Resources of a Swiss multinational corporation.

waw ep3 gina ilarde

From Gina’s first crossroad, here are some key insights or lessons to consider:

  • Be open to possibilities – even if it feels scary.
  • Take time to listen to your inner voice and your emotion, and to talk with your partner who will go through the change journey with you. 
  • Take all the given support from various management levels, and the available resources to enable you to succeed in a new job, field or career.
  • Anticipate discomforts and distractions. Keep going by focusing on your strengths and the positives.

May Gina Ilarde’s story inspire and empower all of us to make bold choices at work and in life, in pursuit of aligning to and fulfilling our personal purpose.

Check out the entire Empower W@W Part 1 conversation, and look out for Part 2. Happy viewing and learning!

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