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I am WOMAN. I am a STRATEGIST: Corporate Policy Review and Gender Mainstreaming

POWERinU Director and Success Coach Penny Bongato spoke at the I am Woman WOMENAR Learning Series last August 12, 2021 for Women’s Business Council Philippines or WomenbizPH. The topic for the learning series was “I am Woman. I am a STRATEGIST: Corporate Policy Review and Gender Mainstreaming”.

The premise of the learning session was that for businesses to champion gender equality and women empowerment, gender mainstreaming is key. It is an essential component in the creation, execution, assessment, and review of policies and processes of an organization. In fact, the United Nations (UN) established gender mainstreaming as a global strategy in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women.

During the webinar, Penny discussed why gender mainstreaming is relevant, the entry points for gender mainstreaming, and the levels of gender mainstreaming, after which it was followed by a Q&A with some of the leaders of the Women’s Business Council Philippines.

Watch the recording here: