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PASIA staged the web conference “The Future of Work and Future of Supply Chain” in collaboration with POWERinU, ANR and PwC

PASIA (Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia) staged the web conference, “The Future of Work and Future of Supply Chain” that was held last March 11, 2022. POWERinU Training and Coaching Philippines, Inc.’s Jun Marfori, Director, Senior Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach, hosted and co-moderated the panel discussion, along with Roland Enric Dela Cruz, Co-Founder of ANR Unlimited MPC and Chairman of the Membership Committee of American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. 

The event was highly-engaging and relevant, capturing the attention of all participants, as the speakers emphatically painted the disruption that is already here, and spoke effectively of Supply Chain and Procurement solutions, and people strategies, to future-proof oneself and our business enterprises. 

PASIA Future of Work Photo 10

The speakers and panelists were industry giants and renowned global business leaders Charlie Villasenor, Chairman and CEO of TransProcure, Ernie Cecilia, DPM, Chairman of Human Capital Committee and the Publication Committee of AmCham Philippines, and Chris Ong, Consulting Director of PwC SE Asia Consulting

The event was an immense learning experience for the attendees, as it was for the emcee and moderators, as it gathered and discussed new ways of thinking about the future of work and future of Supply Chain. They tackled the top priorities of organizations and the key forces of change reshaping the business models that have given rise to global supply chains, procurement and logistics—to enable professionals & leaders to envision and manage on going and future shocks in supply chains. 

PASIA March 11 2022 The Future of Work and Future of Supply Chain