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POWERinU trains Globe’s workforce to face rapid industry changes

POWERinU Training and Coaching Philippines Inc. is helping Globe compete effectively amid rapid industry changes due to digital technology and other factors,  by providing leading-edge and high-quality training solutions to the company’s workforce.  

When the pandemic hit the country a year ago, it not only brought along a shift to work-from-home arrangement but also fast-tracked digitalization as a result of mobility restrictions.  

This new normal prompted Globe to launch the comprehensive Change Management Certification Program for employees to embrace a change-ready mindset for a more agile way of working. The goal is to build a Change Capability Center of Excellence to enable successful change  initiatives within the company.

By being at the helm of Globe’s change management program, POWERinU is enabling the participants to deliver strong business results by enhancing their talent and leadership.  The team uses actual change projects supported by a variety  of methodologies like online training, mind conditioning sessions, and individual and group  coaching sessions.  

These learning approaches are applied to the three levels of change certification the participants needed to undergo with the goal of reaching Mastery (Level 3) certification.

During the program kick-off of, POWERinU coaches and the participants talked about actual change management projects they were working on.

The coaches also helped employees identify and reflect on issues they are dealing with their projects and to decide on actions needed to ensure that changes are managed well and embedded in the organization.

POWERinU is a management consulting company that provides relevant training, coaching and consulting solutions that maximize the powers of individuals and teams.

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