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Career Shift: Follow your Passion

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Career Shift: Follow your Passion

by Penny Bongato

“Career Shift” is a motivational workbook that has one goal – to guide you in following your passion.  The book takes you through three phases of self-discovery and self-awareness.

The first phase challenges your mindset and urges you to wake up from your misconceptions about career change. Find answers to the questions you’ve been repeatedly asking yourself, like “Is it too late?” or “Is it too risky?”

Phase two encourages you to gain clarity. Discover or rediscover what you want in life. Search for answers within yourself, but don’t forget to set your sights beyond your comfort zone.

The third phase emboldens you to take control. How? Go after and do what actually makes you happy. Realize your own process and find out for yourself how to go about the career shift towards your own happiness.

The ultimate purpose of this book is for you to be happy. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. MAKE YOUR SHIFT.


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8/4/17 Scottsdale, AZ

It is an honor to be a part of your book. I wish you years and years of success with it and with your work! Love to you!
– Jack Canfield

I’ve read Career Shift two months ago and I have to say that this has transformed my life on how I see things. I always tell myself that I want a better life but I don’t know exactly how it looks like. This book helped me to create a vision board, to be specific on my goals in life and act upon them. Now, I can see the image of my dreams and my mind is more focused on my goals. I have five categories on my board and I am starting to put them in action.

This month, I started attending yoga session to get healthy, in shape and feel great ( I am loving it). I planned to do yoga few years back but now is the only time I got the courage to do it. Thanks to my vision board! I can’t believe how easy it was until I got to try it. I would have never learned any of this on my own – I always thought it was difficult. Well frankly, it isn’t. It does not matter what age you are, wherever you live, whatever you do, as long as you listen to that voice within your heart, your dreams will come true.

~ Jacqueline C. Crawford, Team Leader at Infosys BPO Phils.

When Penny showed me what was going to be her book cover, I was excited to note that it said ‘Find Your Passion’.  I thought it was high time for one of the most recognized and respected names in Human Resources to share, not just her insights, but her practical knowledge on how one can truly navigate through one’s own thoughts, aspirations and feelings to find her true goal. 

Since its publication, not only has Career Shift personally helped me through practical self-analysis and exercises, but I have been able to share this book to my friends and colleagues who are going through their own passion journeys. It is a very useful and motivating read no matter what experience you bring to the table or lack thereof. 

I often find myself quoting Penny and mentioning her book in my own coaching sessions, proof that there is useful practicality in Career Shift in today’s world.

~ Aleth Montalvo-De las Armas, Manager for Global Recruiting Operations at DXC Technology, Inc (formerly Hewlett Packard (AP) Hong Kong  ROHQ Ltd)

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