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Are you ready to take that next big step?

Our potential for greatness is as significant as our dreams, but carving out a path to that next level without taking any wrong turns, can be incredibly overwhelming. We all need a compass to guide us on our path.

The NEWS Compass® is a unique approach that helps individuals and organizations identify critical roadblocks while creating practical solutions that propel them to the next level and beyond. 

In every decision point, and certainly at every significant crossroad, the following 4 fundamental questions should be worked out:

WHERE do you want to go? WHY do you want to go there? HOW do you want to get to your destination? WHAT is stopping you?

These questions will be answered on three levels: Personal, Interpersonal, and Organizational. Working out these questions on those three levels creates a matrix that covers 12 important areas in the organizational progression. We call this the 12 Box Matrix.

Using the Compass and 12 Box Matrix across all our solutions ensures seamless progress from one solution to another, using the same logic and language. The Compass allows our trainers, coaches, and facilitators anywhere in the world to deliver similar content with similar results.

NEWS Compass® programs are being taught in workshops and used in over 30 countries worldwide and will help you on your path.