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Managing transitions in an organization means proactively reaching out to affected people by preparing them for it. This includes incoming, outgoing and retained employees.

Resume Review

  • Provide assistance in creating and/or updating workers’ resumes to include relevant and critical information that potential employers prefer to see.

LinkedIn Profile Coaching

  • Provide assistance in creating and/or enhancing workers’ LinkedIn profiles to make it searchable and appealing to potential employers.

Job Search Coaching

  • Assist workers’ search for job opportunities. (i.e. identify key skills, preferred work location & schedule, target companies, interview coaching, salary review and negotiation)

Career Coaching

  • Provide coaching services to displaced employees which includes building resiliency, knowing their purpose, passion, abilities/skills (including transferrable skills), knowledge and interests.


  • For Workers, they will be included in Gentem’s Candidate Database and will be referred to clients for potential local and overseas employment.
  • For Employers, a service fee will be proposed for any vacancies they want to fulfill.


  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • How to Ace an Interview
  • Building Change Resilience
  • Lead Change Resilience
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Financial Planning
  • Creative Retirement Plan
  • Stakeholder and Network Mapping Workshop (Influencing Skills)

For those who will be left with the company:


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