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What you get from the N.E.W.S.® Solutions

This article has been reposted with permission from N.E.W.S.® Global. The original article can be found here.

NEWS NAV Launch Deck

For the past 16 years, N.E.W.S.® has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 100 giants to tiny start-ups. While the needs of every organization are different and can change over time, we know that N.E.W.S.® solutions consistently deliver outstanding results to our clients in many different business areas.

We often ask our clients about the added value they perceive in working with N.E.W.S.®.

Here’s what they tell us about the results they get from using the NEWS compass®, as well as its methodology and solutions:

We re-align the way people work together.

  • Leaders and employees become more collaborative, participative, aligned, and engaged.
  • With our Navigation solutions, they co-create their future direction and own it. 
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement improves significantly. 
  • Teams work more constructively together and are more aligned.

We develop authentic leaders with the mindset, tools and capabilities that are needed today.

  • Our unique leadership development solutions encourage leaders to develop and evolve. 
  • They grow into becoming more agile, resilient, empowering, as well as becoming more committed to delegate. They also learn to be more focused, aligned, more people oriented and more effective coaches for their teams. 
  • They master the skill of leading remotely, managing hybrid teams in uncertain and often disruptive environments.

Organizations grow into being great business enterprises.

  • Companies learn how to navigate successfully in their unique market environment. One client grew their value ten-fold in less than 6 years. Their business results improved significantly, and they attribute their success in great part to the navigation and transformation process N.E.W.S.® guided them through. 
  • Many start-ups report how N.E.W.S.® orchestrated their growth towards becoming Unicorns.

Organizations and their teams become more agile.

  • Companies following the N.E.W.S.® Navigation processes learn how to respond more quickly in their market and with greater clarity, agreement, and alignment. 
  • They learn how to adapt successfully to changing circumstance and thrive in uncertainty. 

Organizations do not get bogged down in their transformation initiatives.

  • Using the full suite of N.E.W.S.® Navigation and development solutions, clients learn how to manage the stages of their transformation, changing their culture, mindset, strategies, and structure in sustainable ways while staying aligned.
  • The result is a transformation process capable of delivering ambitious objectives.

Company executives experience the transformation and the career development they need.

  • With a unique, structured executive coaching process and the Self Navigation solution, executives learn how to leverage their leadership skills to respond effectively to current needs. 
  • With a self-navigation career tool, they reach new levels of personal and professional accountability. 
  • They grow towards leading their lead their teams and companies to greater performance and alignment.

Functional management and leadership teams acquire greater maturity. 

  • Navigating with N.E.W.S.® functional teams break down non-productive silos and learn the language of collaboration. 
  • They advance from being slow and dispersed to being agile, and quick-to-react to relentless change.
  • They evolve from being a team that reacts passively to events to being a unified, aligned unit capable of leading proactively.

Individuals, teams and whole organizations move from ‘stuck situations’ to fulfilling their potential.

  • N.E.W.S.® Solutions empower individuals, teams, and organizations to resolve Interpersonal complexities, disagreements, poor alignment, and maladaptive political structures. 
  • They help resolve economic issues, clarify product offerings that are not clear, and develop a coherent strategy when one either was not clear or did not exist.

We equip individuals at critical crossroads in their lives with tools to navigate their careers successfully.

  • Using our career navigation solution thousands of people and leaders have navigated their career to experience more authentic and fulfilling lives. 
  • Companies improve their retention of key talent and high potentials by applying N.E.W.S.® methodologies to accompany them in a structured process of career navigation within the organization.