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ChatGPT for Marketing 2

ChatGPT for Marketing (Public Training)

ChatGPT for Marketing 1

The course teaches how to leverage ChatGPT to do Marketing Research, Planning, Copywriting for Ads, Emails, Websites, Sales Letters, Social Media Posts and More.

>> Equip marketing managers with the knowledge & skills to effectively leverage ChatGPT in your marketing activities.

>> Explore the capabilities & potential applications of ChatGPT, learn prompt engineering techniques to obtain desired responses, and utilize ChatGPT for market research, strategy development, & customer insights.

>> Enhance your ability to create persuasive ad copy, curated emails, & engaging content with ChatGPT’s assistance through practical exercises.

>> Learn the tools and knowledge to understand the usage of ChatGPT and optimize you marketing activities for better corporate results.

>> Also covered: Implementing AI-driven workflows.

ChatGPT for Marketing 3

Who Should Attend?

Marketing teams of Corporates, Freelancers, Small Business owners, Startup founders

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Available Public Training Schedule

  • October 12, 2023; 9:30 am – 12:30 pm (3 hrs)

This online training is organized by POWERinU Training & Coaching LLP (Singapore).

The event is finished.

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