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Penny Bongato joins the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn this 2021!

Congratulations to PENNY BONGATO for being part of the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn this 2021!

Penny Bongato is a Success Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Business Change Consultant and Director of POWERinU Training and Coaching Philippines, Inc.

The Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn initiative is a recognition, celebration and a community organized by LinkedIn and Marketing in Asia. It’s a recognition of the Filipinos on LinkedIn who, despite having their own challenges during these difficult times because of the COVID-19 crisis, continue to show up on LinkedIn to inspire, to motivate, to tell their stories, and to share their expertise by consistently posting content and engaging with our own content.

Read more about Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn initiative and criteria.

“As I was looking at the top 100, I see so many inspiring young(er) Filipinos and as we (the more mature ones) may soon pass the baton to the younger generation, let us remember not just getting these awards but sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and experience with others.

Share these gifts with others: the gift of inspiration, motivation and transformation so that Filipinos can be the best version of ourselves.

Grateful for this award.”

~ Penny Bongato