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UPC Board Strategic Planning Workshop

by Jun Marfori

POWERinU Training and Coaching Philippines, Inc. was privileged to facilitate a Strategic Planning session for the Board of the United Portusers Confederation of the Philippines, Inc. (UPC) The UPC Board represents the collective interests of at least 9 major associations, all of whose members are actively engaged in progressing the logistics industry in the country.

Held at the Daintree room of the Palms Town and Country Club last March 31, 2023, the UPC Board was led by its President, Nelson Mendoza.

The UPC Board embarked on this important direction setting discussion cognizant of its immense responsibility and desire to contribute to the country’s Logistics and Transportation industries, and to the national economy and its growth goals. The Board’s impact is significant, and can only increase, as its effectiveness increases. The session sought to discuss the need to harness the rich expertise and competence, and representation from all these associations, in order to achieve the UPC’s Vision and aspirations, as there is an enormous knowledge base and capacity, and hence opportunity, for UPC to add value.

Throughout the day, the Board exchanged perspectives on various issues and priorities demonstrating its commitment to representing UPC as a respected, credible, relevant, professional, value-adding platform (entity) to the member associations, that delivers results, demonstrates noteworthy advocacies, and facilitates synergy among the member associations.

The session concluded with the Board having a greater sense of purpose and confidence with its significant output that includes their agreed Behavior Norms, the Top 3-5 Strategic Priorities, and the Action Plans to support the aspirations and goals for the next 2 years and forward.