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Senior Leadership workshop for SODEXO B&RS Philippines

by Jun Marfori

POWERinU Training and Coaching Consultants Benjie Garcia and Jun Marfori were privileged to facilitate an all-day Senior Leadership workshop for SODEXO B&RS Philippines last March 4, 2022. The session, seeking to align effectively on the SODEXO WAY, was designed to strengthen alignment within a blend of tenured and on-boarding Functional Leaders, served to pursue a culture of recognition and appreciation, and reinforce cross-functional team work and relationships. Throughout the day, the Senior Leaders engaged in paired or triad dialogues, facilitating a gradual but progressive, and purposive, sharing of personal stories, and activities to gain increased familiarity and build relationships. Discussions on what to reinforce on the current work interactions, and how to raise the level of understanding and a clearer sense of shared goals, were also conducted.

The Senior Leaders, or COMEX, emerged verbalizing overall positive and an enlightening experience from the workshop, expressed a commitment to the outcome, which is to demonstrate The SODEXO WAY, and role model the behavior, and institutionalize these into the company culture moving forward.

Thank you for the pleasure of journeying with you, and the trust in our ability to collaborate and engage in this partnership. May you continue to move forward as you envision and desire, and achieve your aspirations as leaders and as a company!

“When most of our directors and our CEO joined the organization during the height of the pandemic,
PowerinU has helped us come together for a one-day training on the “Sodexo Way”, followed by another
workshop “Harnessing Uniqueness and Leveraging our Strengths”.
The training was led by Jun Marfori and Benjie Garcia who were very professional and detailed in designing
the program for us. They were also able to deliver the program very well because of the expertise in
training. Thank you PowerinU for journeying with us!”
~ Claire Caparas, HR Director of SODEXO

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