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POWERinU Talks About Leading for Growth Using the N.E.W.S. Compass® during PASIAWorld 2023

POWERinU actively supported the 2023 PASIAWorld Annual Conference through event hosting, panel moderation, speakership roles, and through a booth set-up that allowed the attendees to talk first-hand to the POWERinU Team.

PASIAWorld 2023 Collage

Jun Marfori, POWERinU Director, was the host for Day 1 together with Tonet Rivera, Former Senior Vice-President and Global Supply Chain Leader, Mead Johnson Nutrition. Jun also moderated a panel discussion on day 2 of the conference for the session “Sustainability and ESG Developments”.

Meanwhile, POWERinU Directors Elaine Cercado and Thelma Meneses, together with N.E.W.S.® CEO Marina Giareni, spoke on Day 2 of the conference about “Leading for Growth Using the N.E.W.S. Compass®“. They talked about the challenges that abound due to market forces, political tensions, changing environmental conditions and a lot more. They also talked about the demand drivers in supply chain and how they impact human capital. They introduced the application of the N.E.W.S. Compass® framework as a powerful tool for leadership and organizational growth and they shared real-world success stories of organizations who was able to fully harness the power of the N.E.W.S. Compass®.

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The conference was a wonderful opportunity for POWERinU to once again connect with the regular attendees of PASIAWorld, and to welcome new faces and organizations in the ASEAN region who seek to achieve supply chain synergy in the AI era for cohesion and growth.

Learn more about what went on during the PASIAWorld 2023 here.

Congratulations once again to Charlie Villaseñor and the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) Team for the success of the event!

Together with PASIA, POWERinU looks forward to help organizations navigate through changes and lead to growth using the N.E.W.S. Compass® and other value-adding programs and solutions.